Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Town life vs. country life

Town life is very pleasant and comfortable to the rich. He can enjoy various sports of facilities there. In town there are opportunities for modern amenities. There are modern and developed education institutions; modern and well equipped hospitals for medical treatment; cinema halls and theaters; art galleries and many other entertaining things.

Life in a town is not an unmixed blessing. Life in a town is very hard. Complex, fast and mechanical. Man becomes self cent red and selfish in a town. There is filth and dirt in a town. It is full of noises. There is complexity, uncertainty and tension in a town life.

On the other hand there is peace and tranquility in the village life. Life is calm and quiet in a village. A man can enjoy fresh air. He can take fresh milk and vegetable here which is not available in the town.

Village life has many disadvantages as well. There are no famous institution for learning and medical centers for medical treatment and care. Facility for entertainment is very rare in village. Life is very slow and dull. People in the villages suffer from flood. Cyclones, drought. Their crops are damaged by such calamities. Sometimes the people in the village become victims of various diseases like cholera, malaria, dysentery etc.

Both village life and town life has their own advantages and disadvantages. We like towns for comforts and for educational, medical and recreational facilities. We love villages for peace and tranquility. We can not go with one, without the other.